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Spring 2020

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Lawn DIY Kits

Our products are not only the best in the industry but are guaranteed to get you results. Each product has an easy to understand instructional video attached and PDF checklist to ensure you professional results, ease, confidence and safety of application.

Spring Starter Kit

Do you want to achieve green lush grass all year round with no hassle? My packs are designed to treat the grass from the roots up. Starting by conditioning the soil to grow healthy roots then using a slow release fertiliser to sustain ongoing growth colour and health.

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Lawn rescue Kit

Is your lawn tired, worn out or a complete mess ? You’ve come to the right place,I haven’t seen a lawn yet, that I can’t save and bring back to life. To achieve this we firstly spray out the weeds then re ignite the existing grass back to life from the roots up. This is an exciting and rewarding process. Below I have an easy to follow guideline on the steps involved.

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