Products you will find across this site are currently used in this countries best golf courses, bowling greens, race tracks and stadiums. Along with the products, I aim to bring you education on them and teach you how to apply them to get the same professional results as any top turf manager would get.

We start growing our warm season grasses in October though to Mid May. It is in this time that we hope to grow better grass than last year and create a special place for ourselves and kids to entertain on and play.

September is a great time to spray out any remaining weeds that you have in your lawn and create space for healthy grass to grow in October LAWN WEEDS. It is also the window to prevent any insect damage for the coming season LAWN INSECTS.

October is were all the action starts and your first fertiliser is applied Lawn Fertiliser . To enhance your overall lawn performance it is highly recommended that you treat your soil to improve the health and quality of your grasses roots.SOIL AMENDMENTS AND WETTING AGENTS. These soil amendments are to be treated monthly through the growing season and will blow your mind with the new quality, recovery and overall performance of your lawn.

Come December your lawn should be completely recovered from the winter damages and if followed my advised products it should be the best its ever looked. The granular slow release fertiliser would be on its last legs in December and it is now a crucial time to not take our foot off the gas and have our hard worked come un done. In December all turf professionals switch too foliar fertilising and apply a growth regulator to control growth and keep the grass looking healthy and lush. 

The growth regulator and foliar fertiliser is a monthly application done at specific rates  which has the ability to more than halve your mowing frequency and yield. It also thickens up the plant and makes it stronger against weeds and disease stress. Professionals usually stay with this foliar fertiliser and growth regulator until the end of March were they then apply a last hit of granular fertiliser to encourage a spike in growth and strong grass going into winter.