Is your lawn tired, worn out or a complete mess? You’ve come to the right place. I haven’t seen a lawn yet, that I can’t save and bring back to life. The process is easy to follow and very rewarding. It all starts firstly by spraying out the weeds to make room for healthy new grass to grow. We then reignite the existing grass back to life from the roots up. This is done by using wetting agents, soil amendments and a top of the line Fertiliser. Below I have an easy to follow guideline on the steps involved and the revival or maintenance pack has you covered for all the products discussed.

  1. If you have weeds then purchase Bow and Arrow as it is a great clean up weed spray and is also safe to use on all lawn types. You will find Bow and Arrow under the “lawn weeds” tab on the main page.
  2. The next step is to dig down 10cm (100mm) and see what kind of soil you have. It will either be clay like or more sandy like.
  3. You are then to purchase a lawn pack specific to your soil type. Provided in the pack will be all you need for the coming months of lawn care. The lawn packs are found under the “Lawn DIY kit” tab on the main page.
  4. Apply the Retain Pro from the sandy soil pack or the Propel from the clay soil pack, to re condition the soil and grow healthy roots.
  5. Apply the Pro Turf fertiliser to ignite new growth and to strengthen all weak area’s. Fertilise the weak areas fortnightly and water in until they disappear.
  6. Upon purchase of products you will be sent a link to watch product application videos to ensure professional results, safe usage, and confidence in application.