Products for Winter

Summer wetting agent mix and Foliar Fertilisers

Designed by Turf Scientist for high end quality lawn care. These products are found at all the high end turf facilities across Australia.
The combo gives your lawn colour like no other and control of your growth.

This combo is specifically used in summer to control the growth of your lawn whilst giving it the best available nutrients to keep it thriving with health and in colour.

The Largo is a premium liquid foliar product that also has chelated iron for extra colour. Renaissance is a micronutrient package that strengthens the grass for this hot summer days.  Mixed together and applied correctly, your lawn will be the envy of your Neighbours.

To  reduce water usage and encourage new root growth and support exisiting roots its important to apply a monthly wetting agent mix of Retain Pro and Wsf Sportmaster Seaweed.

Lawn weeds

Winter Grass Killer

Used to specifically control winter grass (poa anua)

Winter Grass Killer is a selective herbicide for control of winter grass that is suitable for use on couch, bent, buffalo, ryegrass, brown top and Kentucky Blue Grass. It is not suitable for use on Kikuyu or fescue lawns.

The product breaks down quickly – no residue in soil and is economical to use as 15 mL treats 100 square metres of lawn. Winter Grass Killer should be applied as a fine spray as soon as the winter grass appears and before it has a chance to flower and set seed.

Rate is 15ml per 100m2

Water rate is 2-5L per 100m2